to ikeja Gauteng.


Option 1 – ikeja+

  • ikeja + Router cost R900
  • Price R600 per month
  • No Top-Ups, Unlimited Data!
  • Speed 5/Mbps

Option 2 – ikeja LTE flexible sim card

  • SIM only product.
  • Use your own router*
  • No monthly lock-in
  • Top up whenever you want
  • R300 = 50gigs for 30 days
  • R500 = 200gigs for 30 days
  • Speed range between 5/Mbps - 40/Mbps**

* = Must be one of the routers registered for the ikeja network

** = Speeds and latency are dependent on a variety of factors such as number of devices connected and signal strength. Average expected speeds range between 5 – 40Mbps and remain coverage dependent.


Step 1

Check to see if ikeja Hotspot appears in your Wi-Fi settings menu & you can connect

Step 2

Purchase one of the following vouchers - Kazang ikeja Voucher - Flash ikeja Voucher - Flash 1Voucher

Step 3

Enter 1Voucher PIN

Where to purchase your vouchers

You can purchase your ikeja vouchers from any KAZANG trader, ikeja Vouchers are available in R5, R30, R120, & R500. Or you can purchase 1Vouchers from any FLASH trader or PEP Store Nationwide, 1 Voucher are available from R5 to R500.

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