Prime Login & Account

Step 01

Visiting a Kazang or Flash partner to purchase a voucher

All monthly account payments for the ikeja service are made on the 1st of every mineth via 1Vouchers from a FLASH trader or ikeja vouchers from a Kazang trader. If you would like to pay with a Credit Card or EFT you can skip this step for now.

Step 02

Head to the payment site

Open your browser and visit payment.ikeja.co.za and enter your login details. Your username is you ikeja number (eg. ikeja100) and your password is your home unit’s Wi-Fi password.

Step 03

Loading your voucher

Once logged in, enter your 1voucher or ikeja voucher pin number in the space provided. Click load voucher and your account will be successfully loaded!


Buy with Credit Card/EFT

Once logged in, select the Card tab or the EFT tab to purchase data directly.