Enhancing Employee Wellbeing: ikeja’s Commitment to Holistic Health

Author: Aluwani Ratshiungo
Photos: Aluwani Ratshiungo

In today’s fast-paced work environments, the well-being of employees often takes a backseat to productivity and bottom-line results. However, forward-thinking organizations like ikeja recognize the significance of investing in the overall wellness of their workforce. 

ikeja recently hosted its inaugural employee wellness day, centered around physical, mental, and financial well-being. Through this event, Jaime Symonds, Head of People at ikeja, and Neo Netshisaulu, the Talent Acquisition Manager, were determined to affirm the company’s commitment to caring for employees beyond their daily work responsibilities.

The Ivory Park Fitness Club led the day with guided aerobic exercises. Despite the cold weather and intermittent rain, ikeja employees embraced the opportunity to engage in physical activity, knowing its immense benefits for their wellbeing. 

Participants like Kaylin, were thrilled with the experience, emphasizing how it revitalized their energy levels and positively impacted their mental state. Kaylin shared her enthusiasm, stating, “I enjoyed it. It kept our minds off personal problems. Exercise is not only good for your body but also for your mind. I feel energized now.”

As part of the event, ikeja introduced an innovative twist to traditional break times – Blendavenda smoothie bikes. Employees eagerly pedaled away on these stationary bikes, powering the blending mechanism to create delicious smoothies. This fun and interactive activity encouraged physical movement and instilled a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment.

Bjorn, an ikeja employee, highlighted how she felt motivated to start prioritizing her physical wellness. “I thought it was a good break from work, and it kept our minds clear. My favorite part was the Blendavenda. It was fun, and I enjoyed the fruits of my labor.”

Recognizing the interconnectedness of overall well-being, ikeja organized sessions with mental and financial wellness experts. A representative from Ollie Health, ikeja’s employee wellness service provider, shed light on the importance of mental health support and explained their on-demand mental healthcare benefit. The employees were thrilled to learn about the confidential and accessible nature of the service, ensuring that mental health support is readily available to every team member.

Moreover, Capital Legacy, South Africa’s largest wills and estate provider, emphasized the significance of legacy protection and the necessity of drafting a will. Employees gained valuable insights into securing their loved one’s future, showcasing ikeja’s commitment to holistic well-being that extends beyond the confines of the workplace.

Jaime expressed her satisfaction with the event’s success and acknowledged the high employee participation in the physical activities. Additionally, she passionately stated, “My philosophy is that all companies should invest in the overall well-being of employees, and obviously, health is multi-faceted.”

By providing sustainable education and extending benefits to employees’ families, ikeja aims to create a long-lasting impact on their lives and stand as a shining example of an organization committed to nurturing the well-being of its employees.